Recent Interviews

With her books gracing the best-seller shelves of virtually every store from B&N, Target or the local grocery mart, it would be nearly impossible to be a romance fan and not know the name of Jill Shalvis.  Her warm, inviting, small-town-type stories of strong friends, sexy attractions and often loyal (if not crazy) animals are what make summer reading one of our favorite pastimes!

InD: First, we have to get some background. You were born in California?
MA: Yes. I was born in Whitaker, California, but we lived in Huntington Beach until I was five and then moved to Pacifica, California, which is right near San Francisco.
InD: Tell us about your growing up years. What was Marina, the child like?

When I sat down to visit with R.L. Mathewson, I had no idea that I would be conducting one of the most harrowing yet inspiring interviews I have ever done. 

Even after years working in this industry, and hundreds of interviews with publishing’s biggest stars, I admit, I still get nervous every once in awhile.  Weirdly, it isn’t always the celebrity size but the personality size that does it. This interview with  best-selling author/army general/school superintendent/ N.C. Dept. of Transportation Secretary, AJ (Tony Tata) is the perfect example.

Okay, let’s all admit it, upon seeing Quinn’s picture you thought we were actually interviewing a teenager, right?  Nope! She just has the genes of an angel.