Recent Interviews

Have you ever had one of those days where, at the most important time, your brain just... quits?  Luckily for me, I was with Denise the day that happened to me.  It took a record ELEVEN takes to get one video snippet because I kept calling her Hillary!

It never fails, anytime the name of Cherry Adair is mentioned, the immediate response is, “Oh my gosh, I love her, she is SO much fun!” But, until one actually spends a little time with her, they have no idea how MUCH fun!!  

A lunch with Gini is one never to be forgotten!  Strolling up in a hot pink sweat jacket, black Aerosmith t-shirt, ear muffs (to help with an ear problem in the cool breeze) and wearing the most oddly interesting pair of flip-flops imaginable while sporting a grin that warms instantly, it’s obvious, this interview is going to be great fun!

There are those authors  one reads to relax, those who make you laugh, those who teach...then there are those rare few who just leave you speechless. Their writing is that good. Nalini Singh is among those few. Whether her subject matter is a personal preference or not, there is no denying the sheer, intelligent beauty in her ability to weave a story.

Describe Melissa Foster?  Impossible!  How does one capture so much energy, passion, creativity and drive, then wrap it up in genuine kindness and explain it in just a few sentences?  Her love for life is contagious, she is super fun to chat with, very easy to like, and a person we all wish we could keep up with!