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Jennifer Estep is one of those authors who quietly go about their lives creating absolutely amazing stories that repeatedly hit the New York Times and every other best-selling list without people actually knowing a lot about the author, herself.  Her work stands out, her gift is immense, but her name is not always familiar.  That may be because Jennifer consistently chooses to focus on the stor

We were introduced to Steena quite by chance.  It was in discovering that she donates half of all her earnings for some of her series to desperately needed social causes like suicide prevention.  Upon reading her books, one finds that deep, heartfelt compassion for all people who go through hardships radiates throughout every word and makes up the very essence of the author, herself.  Although

If the names Tosca Musk, Jina Panebianco and Joany Kane don’t ring a bell, they really should.  These three amazing women are the impetus behind the incredible new, live- streaming TV-movie network of Passionflix.  Come with us as we learn all the ins and outs of what it takes to launch and grow an entire movie channel dedicated to making movies from the books we love so much!

With her books gracing the best-seller shelves of virtually every store from B&N, Target or the local grocery mart, it would be nearly impossible to be a romance fan and not know the name of Jill Shalvis.  Her warm, inviting, small-town-type stories of strong friends, sexy attractions and often loyal (if not crazy) animals are what make summer reading one of our favorite pastimes!