Recent Interviews

Anyone who is familiar with Amy Daws' books would expect the author to be a fun person to talk to - and she is that and a whole lot more! Amy's bubbly and fun personality shines through as she talks about her family and her stories... and we will never look at a tire store waiting room the same again!

InD: I hear you are in the middle of a big move!

Obviously I love to read and will read almost anything I get my hands on.  Admittedly, however, mysteries weren’t at the top of my list… Until I read a C.J. Archer book.  And then I was hooked!  Every story has such warm and wonderful, often quirky, characters who get in all kinds of sticky situations as they try to live and love their lives.

Lexi Ryan is the perfect example of the very best of a midwestern girl!

Every once in a while I read a book and think, “Wow!.. just… wow” and immediately have to find out more about the author. That is how I discovered Lynette Noni. Her Prison Healer series and other books hit both myself and the world by storm, and once I met her, I realized why so many say so much good about her.