RaeAnne Thayne: The NYTimes Bestseller Who Writes Sweet With Emotion & Heart!

Have you ever known someone that absolutely awes you with their goodness?  The kind that is more than just gracious, it is heart-deep, sincerely felt, kindness, caring and selflessness. That description is RaeAnne Thayne in a nutshell.  Her warmth isn’t just professional, it seeps from every fiber of her soul and touches every person in her atmosphere.  It also comes through in the stories she tells.  Her books are full of love, growth, struggle and accomplishment - things she is all too aware of and exemplifies in her own life.  Come, get to know a true angel in the writing world!

InD: Let’s start with RaeAnne, the growing years. On a cold, dark stormy night in Cache Valley, Utah...
RT: [laughing] I actually grew up in Indiana. My parents were from Utah, but my dad was an automotive engineer and he moved our family back east. I was born in Detroit, Michigan when he worked in the auto industry there. Later, he moved us to Indiana. We lived there until I was 13, then we moved back to Utah to be closer to family. The auto industry was in a transition at that point, and I think my father felt it was better to get everybody back home. I have been in Utah ever since. I went to college in the community where I live now. I met my husband at school. Though neither one of us is from this area, we both fell in love with it and stayed..
InD: What was growing up in Indiana like?
It was lovely. It’s a great place. We had a little three-acre hobby farm out in the country outside of Fort Wayne. My dad loved to garden and we were surrounded by cornfields we could run through. Even though I had siblings, I didn’t have any friends who lived close, so I read everything I could get my hands on. I think that is really why I fell in love with books at an early age.
InD: How did you get your books if you lived out there on a farm?
My mom would buy a lot of books. She was a huge reader, and I would steal books out of her room, especially the romance novels. There were seven kids in my family and I was in the middle, so I had a couple of older sisters and an older brother. They were also big readers, so I would take their books and read them, as well. We also went to the library and the bookmobile and all those wonderful things.

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