Passionflix: The Ladies Who Are Turning Romance Into Movies!

If the names Tosca Musk, Jina Panebianco and Joany Kane don’t ring a bell, they really should.  These three amazing women are the impetus behind the incredible new, live- streaming TV-movie network of Passionflix.  Come with us as we learn all the ins and outs of what it takes to launch and grow an entire movie channel dedicated to making movies from the books we love so much!

InD: I am so happy to meet you, ladies! I have got to tell you, I am incredibly excited about what you are doing. It is an amazing undertaking, and I am just very curious and interested in everything about it. First of all, let’s get your backgrounds. How did all of you end up together?
JP: Well, Jina and I have been film partners and making movies together for 10 to 13 years now.
InD: What does Jina do, and what do you do?
TM: Jina and I are both producers, which basically means that we bring together the project. We find the scripts, the money, the actors and the director – all of that sort of stuff. For many years, I was actually a line producer, which is the person who handles the budgets, the schedule, the actual running of the movie, and the hiring and firing of the people. Very much like a CFO. When I first met Jina, she was a producer on her first feature film. She needed a line producer, so my agent introduced us. At the time, I was really busy doing another feature in New Mexico. When I came back to LA after shooting that feature, Jina contacted me and said, “Hey, we pushed our film back and we need a line producer, can you do it?” So, I stepped in and we made that film together. I actually worked for Jina at that point.

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