The Man Behind The Amazing Life

Bob Mayer is one of those men who are almost impossible to pigeonhole. Even trying to write a short introduction proves daunting, so hold on to your hats folks, here’s the history!
Bob is a world-renowned author who, with over 40 books under his belt, has sold millions world wide and has hit the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, USA Today and other best-seller lists. He has appeared on PBS, NPR and the Discovery Channel and in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated and Army Times among other publications as an expert consultant.
He is a West Point graduate, served in the Infantry and Special Forces (Green Berets): led an Infantry, Battalion and Brigade level Reconnaissance platoons; commanded an A-Team, and as a Special Forces battalion operations officer; commanded a training company, and was an instructor/writer at the JFK Special Warfare Center & School at Fort Bragg. He also served in Special Operations Western Command on a variety of classified assignments.
He is Master Parachutist/Jump-Master, qualified and earned a Black Belt while living in the Orient and also taught martial arts. Bob earned an MA in Education. He also graduated from the International Mountain Climbing School and completed 14 marathons including qualifying for the Boston Marathon and running it three times.

Oh! And, along with all this, he is also co-creator of “Who Dares, Wins” Publishing Co.

WHEW!! It’s exhausting just reading about his life!
When sitting down to visit with him, however, none of these amazing feats occupy the forefront of the sweet, down-to-earth man one finds. In truth, Bob is unassuming yet kind. He seems somewhat shy yet exudes a quiet confidence and once he starts talking, he is not only incredibly knowledgeable but also humorous and warm as he imparts wisdom earned through a lifetime of challenge.


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