Recent Interviews

InD: First, we have to get some background. You were born in California?
MA: Yes. I was born in Whitaker, California, but we lived in Huntington Beach until I was five and then moved to Pacifica, California, which is right near San Francisco.
InD: Tell us about your growing up years. What was Marina, the child like?

When I sat down to visit with R.L. Mathewson, I had no idea that I would be conducting one of the most harrowing yet inspiring interviews I have ever done. 

Even after years working in this industry, and hundreds of interviews with publishing’s biggest stars, I admit, I still get nervous every once in awhile.  Weirdly, it isn’t always the celebrity size but the personality size that does it. This interview with  best-selling author/army general/school superintendent/ N.C. Dept. of Transportation Secretary, AJ (Tony Tata) is the perfect example.

Okay, let’s all admit it, upon seeing Quinn’s picture you thought we were actually interviewing a teenager, right?  Nope! She just has the genes of an angel.

Wow!  Have you ever had a conversation with someone when it was all you could do to keep your mouth from hanging open the entire time?  Well, that was me while gabbing with Pamela Clare!  She has had such an amazing life filled with so many experiences, both heart-stopping and heart-breaking that one would think we were brainstorming for a wild book of fiction.  Perhaps that is exactly what mak