Laramie Briscoe: Hot Cops & Bad Boys With Pure Southern Delight!

Anyone who's ever read a Laramie Briscoe book would hope to find an author with a big heart and a cracking sense of humor. As our own Katy Nielsen sat down to interview this wonderful lady, she was thrilled to discover that yes, she has a huge heart, and a fabulous sense of humor. She’s also incredibly humble about her talents. Laramie is as down to earth as they come and absolutely delightful to talk too. If you have not delved into one of the various series that has earned Ms. Briscoe Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author titles, prepare to One-Click as you learn more about this fabulously talented Southern Belle!

InD: Tell us about yourself! Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where I set my books at.
InD: Is every of your book series is set in Kentucky?
Most of them are set in Kentucky. The only one that really isn't is the Moonshine Task Force series. The Heaven Hill series is set in Bowling Green. The Moonshine Task Force and LSERT (Laurel Springs Emergency Response Team) are set somewhere else, but everything else you can assume is set in Kentucky if I don't say otherwise. In the Heaven Hill Series, I drove around my town wondering how cool it would be to write about it. In "Meant to Be”,  the scene where Sharon sees her brother at the convenience store being arrested is only a mile from my house. I posted a picture in my Facebook group of the convenience store - although it has since been totaled by a tornado.
InD: I remember that picture!
The Heaven Hill Series is especially focused around in the area I live, so everyone that is from around here who reads my series recognizes what I am talking about.
InD: That is awesome. So what made you want to set the Moonshine Task Force somewhere else?
Actually, I was watching a documentary (I am such the nerd when it comes to watching any kind of documentaries but especially true crime), maybe 10 years ago, (all of my ideas came from forever ago) and there was a moonshine task force in Alabama when moonshine was illegal. They would find stills and break them up, and if the moonshine was really bad, they would arrest the people when they poured it out and made sure no one had been killed by it. I don't remember when I decided to write about it, but I thought it would be really interesting. Then I thought, ‘what if these guys are really super-hot, (they usually aren’t in real life). And the name "Renegade" came into my head. So I decided that was what I was going to do. I ended up having to change things because moonshine is legalized now, but the bad stuff is still illegal. The hills of Kentucky have a lot of moonshine in them. I actually know a couple of people who have died from alcohol poisoning from bad moonshine. So the really bad moonshine can kill you.
InD: I am reading “Ace" from that series now. In it, Ace helps a lady who has escaped from an abusive marriage. The way you wrote the story, helps give a lot of domestic abuse survivors hope.
On your website, your tagline is “hot cops, bad boys, and everything in between”, where did that
come from?
: Somebody asked me one day what I write and that was my reply - hot cops, bad boys, and everything in between. It used to be “Hot, Southern romance”, but Southern kind of got a bad connotation for a while, so I thought maybe I should change it.
InD: I love it. As far as your sub-genres go, you went from a motorcycle club in the Heaven Hills series, to country music stars in the Nash Vegas series; you've done law enforcement, and now you are doing the Bradford Station series, which is about firefighters. What made you want to switch to so many different types of heroes?
: I kind of got burnt out on MC people,  I was one of the early authors in that genre, and at one point, it seemed like everyone was writing MC books. I would always get compared to another author although I write nothing like her. I have read her books and they are great, but that is not who I am, and I just got sick of being compared to these other people. I wanted something that was mine, and no one other than Susan Stoker was writing about cops and stuff like that at that time. I started watching live PD and I thought that it would be a really good thing to try. The biggest theme in all of my series is family, and what better family than cops that are a brotherhood?
InD: That your overarching theme, no matter the series, is family, is what I absolutely love about your books. And you have managed to do that in every sub-genre that you have written in.
: Thank you. That is what I like about books. I don't really have that in my personal life, so I put it out there so others can have that.

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