Kendra Elliot: Nail-biting Suspense Written With Heart!

I first met Kendra when I sat beside her at an awards banquet.  She was sweet and somewhat quiet. But, every once in a while she would  softly make an observation that was spot-on and often hilarious!  I ended up having more fun being thoroughly entertained by her dry wit than I have at any awards in a long time! 
After that night, I determined to read her books and found Kendra’s sharp intellect follows through in her writing to create absolutely un-put-downable suspense!  She is open, unassuming, completely dedicated to her craft and truly an author you should get to know!

InD: You have been REALLY busy lately! Is that a good thing or not so much?
KE: It
's a good thing that I have a regular publishing schedule, but it's a little of, “Oh my gosh! I need to write a book, I need to write a book! I have to come up with some fresh ideas!” That is the pressure that gets to me.
InD: How many books a year do you write?
I write two books a year, which to some people is not a lot. I know writers who turn out a book a month, but I need six months to do it well.
InD: Okay, let’s get the story of Kendra Elliott! You were born in Pacific Northwest?
Yes, I live just south of Portland, Oregon.
InD: Have you lived there all your life?
: More or less. I currently live a mile from where I went to high school. I will bump in to someone in the grocery store and we will stare at each other for minute then realize, “Oh my gosh, I want to high school with you!” It is really funny.
InD: What was your childhood like growing up there?
Good. I have three siblings. A very stable family.
InD: Do your siblings and your parents still live around there too?
Yes, my parents are about a half hour away. I have a sister in Arizona, a sister close by and my brother lives in Alaska.
InD: I’ve read that you were a big reader growing up but were not a writer.
: No, I hated writing. Hated it in high school, hated it in college!
InD: What are your first memories of reading?
What I remember reading a lot of are the "Little House on the Prairie" books, and I probably read each one 20 times.
InD: What started that love of reading for you?
I don't know. I’ve surrounded my kids with books, but I can't say that my parents surrounded me with books. There were always books available, but not a lot, so I'd have to read and re-read the books I had. I remember when we would get in the car for the five hour drive to my grandparents’ house, I would count out my books because I knew how many books that I needed to read to get me through five hours. It didn't matter if I had already read them ten times!
InD: Do you still read a lot?
Oh yeah, my Kindle just told me I have read 29 out of 31 days last month. I don't have a TV in my bedroom, so I read in my bedroom.
InD: It’s interesting that you grew up loving to read but hated writing.
I know. I really did hate writing, though! Even though I wanted to work in advertising, I had to get my degree in journalism. And, in that degree, you had to take newspaper classes and magazine classes and gosh, I hated those!

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