Karen Booth: The "Seasoned Romance" Creator Talks All Thhings Sexy over 40!

InD: You have such a great story, Karen! What brought you to the point where you started writing “seasoned” [age 40 and over] heroines and heroes?
KB: This happened: In 2008, my husband, myself, our son and daughter, were away on vacation in Minnesota seeing my family. Only a day into the vacation, our neighbor called and said, "I am really sorry to tell you this but your house is on fire." I remember thinking, “This is just a joke and I don't know you well enough for you to play a joke on me.” But our house really was on fire! It was just a freak accident caused by a lightning storm. Our whole house was completely destroyed; from the attic to the second floor was destroyed by the fire, and the first floor was destroyed by water damage. Everything in our life was completely gone. You think about how important your home is when you are a kid (and our kids were little) I mean, that is your safe place. You have your room, your things...your life! It was really hard. And, it happened a month before my 40th birthday.
InD: So, your whole house is suddenly and completely gone?
KB: Yes. Our whole house, just completely gone. We had to start over from scratch. We were transient for the whole summer! We lived in a hotel for two weeks, then we lived at a friend's house for two weeks, and then we moved into a condo for a month. Finally, we lucked out and were able to rent a house in our neighborhood. I can’t even describe what it is like to be in that situation, dealing with insurance, with rebuilding, etc. You have no idea how much stuff you have until you lose everything and you have to go shopping! To this day, I still hate shopping! I had to go back to Target up to 10 times just to get things we would never think about normally...

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