Jackson Young: The Country Singer Who Found His Niche in Romance & His Passion in Helping Veterans

Jackson Young describes himself as somewhat as a renaissance man.And, as one gets to know him, no word could better describe this diverse yet intriguing hunk.From a troubled childhood to Ballroom dancing fame, to a dangerous career in the Military, to rising in the ranks of country singer AND cover model!  Sit down with us while we try and uncover this very complex man!  InD: Your fingers are in a lot of stuff. I know you model. I know you as a country singer. I know that you do a lot for veterans. Which one is your focus?JY: That is a really great question.When I first started out in the entertainment industry, I came to town to be a singer, but I had to look for other avenues of income. So first, came the music career and second, came a dancing career. InD: A dancing career? Whoa, whoa...I had no idea about that one! You must explain...JY: (chuckling) I was looking for a way to make some money, I answered an ad in the paper that offered up to $50,000 a year plus benefits as a dancer. So I am like, “I can shake my butt in a club, I got this!” But when I showed up, I realized that it was ballroom dancing. I am a country boy from a small town, plus I was an infantry guy in the military, so I very much had that mentality of, “There is no way I can do this or that I even want to do this or that I want anyone else to know that I am doing this!”

Read the entire interview in the March 2016 issue of InD'Tale magazine.

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