Recent Interviews

As you can obviously see, Laura Thalassa has the face of an angel.

Wow!  Have you ever casually spoken to someone only to find there is so much more to them than you ever realized? That is exactly my experience with Claire Contreras. I originally sat down to chat with her thinking she was a beautiful lady who writes wonderful stories. It only took a minute, however, to realize the true depth and beauty we have all been missing!

I first met Mary Burton over lunch at a conference years ago and was extremely impressed at her warmth and kindness toward a magazine publisher she didn’t even know. Since then, anytime our paths have crossed, she has, without exception, gone out of her way to greet me with that same warmth and inclusiveness that shines so brightly.

InD: I’ve read that you grew up in Ghana.
I was born here in the States. My dad was getting his PhD at the time. Soon after, though, they headed back to Ghana. We came back to the States when I was six, and from that point on, we went back and forth during the summer.
InD: Was it your mom and/or dad who had family in Ghana?

Aside from enjoying an absolutely delightful visit with Elise Kova, I learned some extremely valuable wisdom that has helped me better understand, not only the author, but the incredible world of Young Adult fantasy that has completely taken over the universe!