Recent Interviews

J.R. Rain

In an industry as new as Independent publishing, J.R. Rain is one of the first authors to rise to the top, settle in and find a permanent  home on those bestseller lists!

Bob Mayer is one of those men who are almost impossible to pigeonhole. Even trying to write a short introduction proves daunting, so hold on to your hats folks, here’s the history!

Catherine Bybee is one of those authors who never gives up. After trudging along the sidelines of mainstream with yet another manuscript rejection, she decided to take that rejection, self-publish it and see what would happen. What happened made history.  The book sold well over 300,000 copies and rose to the top of almost every list available, including USA Today and the New York Times.

Few people in the writing and publishing world have not heard the name of Mark Coker. As CEO of Smashwords, the world's largest e-book distributing company for independent authors, Mr. Coker is largely responsible for the current phenomena that is changing the publishing world today.