Elizabeth Hoyt: The Wildly Popular Author Who Creates Riveting & Creative Historical Romance

It is always such a delight to discover when an author, who has achieved world-wide success and is known and read by millions, is also an incredibly nice person!  That is Elizabeth Hoyt.  As famous as her name and books are, visiting with Elizabeth is like sitting down with your friendly next door neighbor - she’s just genuinely good people.  We met up at a large hotel where thousands knew her well, yet she was so unassuming and warm that it was instantly easy to relax and chat with her.  She is fun, open and completely honest, which makes for a truly enjoyable and forever memorable experience!

InD: Just from reading your bio, Elizabeth, I knew we would have so many questions, we could be here all day! There are just so many intriguing areas of your life we could dive in to! Starting with growing up, you have lived all over the world. What was that like?
EH: My dad was and is still, at 91, a professor of biology at the University of Minnesota. So, all of the places that we went, except for Kawasaki, Japan, were from places where he studied abroad. It was a lot of fun!
InD: How old were you when you started traveling the world with your parents?
EH: I think the first major trip was to St. Andrews, Scotland, and I was about eight. I remember my mom or someone saying we were living in student housing. I didn't know what that was. To me, it was just an apartment on the coast where I remember going to the beach and catching crabs, so it was a lot of fun.
InD: How long would you live in those places?
EH: Most were only for three months or a month or so. There was one place where we lived at somebody's house while that professor was taking a sabbatical. My dad studied frogs, so I also spent a lot of time catching frogs. I remember that he had a Scottish colleague who was studying grasshoppers, and he would give us a penny each to catch grasshoppers for him. Each grasshopper had to have two lines on its back, though. We were little kids and thought that was a great way to earn money!

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