Recent Interviews

SUZAN TISDALE: It’s no secret to anyone acquainted with InD’tale that Suzan Tisdale is one our favorite people.  It takes but a minute in her presence to understand why she has become a beloved icon so fast in an industry where so many struggle so hard.  She is friendly and warm to all with a quick wit that keeps everyone in stitches.  She is also selfless and loving to a fault, encouraging, gi

RISING STAR SPOTLIGHT, Darlene Deluca: I worked at a newspaper for a few years after I graduated from college. But being a reporter isn’t as glamorous as it sounds! I attended a lot of less-than-exciting planning commission meetings, school board meetings, and late-night city council meetings.

Shana Galen first came to my attention years ago while going through a “nothing but Regency” obsession.When I picked up one of her books, however, it took but a few pages to realize these were not your run-of-the-mill regency romances, these were rollicking adventures!  Still, when I had the chance to sit down and talk with Shana, I was surprised to find that she wasn’t a “charge in and grab th

I originally met Kerrelyn years ago while interviewing her for another magazine.Since then, each and every time I see her it is an absolute delight.  Although a bit shy, her face absolutely lights up when she sees someone she  knows.  She is bubbly and warm, talkative and funny.  A perfect story to exemplify - I unexpectedly ran into her at RWA nationals a few summers ago.

Jackson Young describes himself as somewhat as a renaissance man.And, as one gets to know him, no word could better describe this diverse yet intriguing hunk.From a troubled childhood to Ballroom dancing fame, to a dangerous career in the Military, to rising in the ranks of country singer AND cover model!  Sit down with us while we try and uncover this very complex man!  InD: Your fingers are i