A Conversation with Amazon Vice President of Publishing

As most would agree, trying to find - let alone  pin down- anyone in power at Amazon these days sometimes feels like asking the waters to part.  That is why running into Amazon Publishing Vice President, Larry Kirshbaum at an industry get-together was not only a huge stroke of luck, it was one NOT to be squandered!
Upon introductions, however, I didn’t find a haughty, power-filled executive as might be expected, but a very warm, upbeat and down-to-earth man who genuinely likes people and loves publishing.
It did take a little convincing (and a lot of juggling) to finally get this incredibly busy man to sit down and chat, but once accomplished, the conversation flowed easily and the time flew by! 

IND:  How does a man like you get into the romance business?
Well, what’s not to like?   Working with 600  - 700 talented, mostly female, authors?  Man, it is rough!  (both laughing)
Originally, however, I got into the business because I had been interested in media all my life.  I started on my high school newspaper.  In college, I was the editor of the “Michigan Daily” which was a six-day-a-week newspaper.  Then I went to work as a reporter for Newsweek magazine for a couple of years.  Later, I wrote a book covering the student protests in the late 60s (I’d like to point out that’s the 1960s, not the 1860s,  Abe Lincoln was gone!)
I loved being a journalist and writing a book was really fun.  I wrote it with another man, Roger Rappaport, who worked with me at the Michigan Daily.  Crazily enough, I went to work with my publisher there after, which was Random House.  I went to New York but chose to go into sales rather than editorial.

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