The Beloved Voice of Regency

Mary Balogh: The first time I met Mary, I was so excited, I ran up and gave her a big hug. She seemed totally taken aback and not quite sure I was completely sane. Good lesson in that old Welsh reserve!  Upon introductions, however, she warmed right up and ended up being as cute as a button and friendly as could be.  Her soft accent is delightful and her unique turn of phrase brought many a smile during our conversations.  I also discovered what an amazing mix of fun, spunk and daring inhabits the proper, seemingly traditional lady that is Mary Balogh!

IND: I know you were a teacher. So where does your quiet voice come from?  [MB speaks very softly]  Did you use your soft voice teaching and everybody just quieted down?
MB: Well that is a part of it, because you do learn that if there's a hubbub going on you have to have an extremely loud voice to be heard above the noise. But if you use a quiet voice, very often you could be heard below the noise and it brings everyone down. Even so, I do have a Sergeant Major voice that I could use when I need to!
IND: For how many years were you a teacher?
MB: 20 years.
IND:  Was it after teaching for 20 years that you decided to be an author?
MB: There was an overlap. I was first published in 1985 and I quit teaching in 1988. So, there were a few years when I was doing both. But yes, I realize now, looking back that it was very risky, but I took the risk and it worked for me.
IND: The writing as opposed to teaching worked for you?
MB:Yes it did. Yes, it worked for me well.
IND: When we talked earlier, I was being very honest. You have always been one of my favorite authors. You were on my wish list of people to interview!  I've thoroughly loved reading your books for years, I think they’re wonderful. I'm so excited to get to know you, to talk to you. You were born and raised in Wales?
MB: Yes.
IND: You write Regency . Have you ever thought about writing books set in Wales? I’ve read 18 of your books and can’t remember any set there.
MB: I have written a few. There are two quite longer historicals in particular that are set in Wales and really concern Welsh history.

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