A.J. Tata: From Battlefields to Books, This Retired General Writes Thrillers to Die For!

Even after years working in this industry, and hundreds of interviews with publishing’s biggest stars, I admit, I still get nervous every once in awhile.  Weirdly, it isn’t always the celebrity size but the personality size that does it. This interview with  best-selling author/army general/school superintendent/ N.C. Dept. of Transportation Secretary, AJ (Tony Tata) is the perfect example. He has accomplished so much in so many areas of life - all while penning stories that are absolutely riveting - that sitting down to shoot the breeze with him was intimidating! 
But, guess what?  He was a delight to chat with! While it is obvious he is driven, he didn’t hesitate to kick back and relax, laugh and joke around while still answering the questions with candor. And, although he is often featured on networks such as CNN and FOX, he’ll be the first to say he’d much prefer riding a wave while surfing, reading or writing his next great thriller.  Read on and discover the writer - who became a general.

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