InD'Introduces: Vicki Crum


Vicki writes contemporary and paranormal romances, creating tales full of love and passion and discovering one’s soul mate in the most unlikely places.
Her first book, “Loving Luc”, is a romance with futuristic elements, where the hero is, quite literally, out of this world! The ETERNAL MOON SERIES is her first foray into the fun and fascinating world of shapeshifting, featuring some pretty sexy werewolves!
“Once in a Blue Moon” -- Casey’s bad boy addiction has caused her nothing but heartache. Turning over a new leaf, she vows to find a nice, dependable nerd to love. Her plan hits a major snag when a brief, torrid encounter with one of the hottest, Harley-riding, leather-jacketed hunks she’s ever laid eyes on flips her entire world upside down. Can the ultimate bad boy, a handsome werewolf named Jake, break through Casey’s defenses and prove to her that happy endings really are possible?
Moonspell -- Confirmed bachelor, Reed Montgomery, is about to find himself in over his head with a gorgeous werewolf he can't resist. Trouble is, he doesn't know she’s a werewolf until it's far too late to protect his heart. Can he overcome what he sees as the ultimate betrayal to forge a bond that will last forever—or will he forfeit the only woman to ever succeed in capturing his heart?
Blood Moon -- When Kat arrives in Jackson Hole to do a story on an adventure excursion company, she’s hoping for a quick three-day turnaround before heading back to California. Wilderness hiking has never been her thing—until she meets the hotter-than-hell owner of Into the Wild, who opens up a whole new world for her, in more ways than one. Austin isn’t looking to complicate his life, yet he can’t deny his volatile attraction to Kat. When the sparks ignite an inferno in his werewolf blood, he has no choice but to act on it. Austin falls hard for Kat, and suspects she feels the same. But before he can convince her they belong together, he must save her from an abusive ex-husband who’s stalking her every move. 
Vicki lives in a charming seaside community with her husband of forty-five years. She has two beautiful daughters, two wonderful sons(-in-law), and two adorable grandchildren who light up her world.