InD'Introduces: Sherry Burton!


Born in Kentucky, Sherry A. Burton was raised in the small town of Fairdale, a suburb of Louisville. Since eloping with a Navy man in the wee hours of the morning on December 30, 1980, Sherry has lived in Kentucky, California, South Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. Living in different areas and meeting new people from vastly different regions has been a unique gift she is grateful for.
Sherry got her start in writing by pledging to write a happy ending for a good friend who was going through some really tough times. The story surprised her by taking over and practically writing itself. What started off as a way to make her friend smile started her on a journey that would forever change her life. Sherry readily admits to hearing voices and is convinced that being married to her best friend for thirty-plus years goes a long way in helping her write happily-ever-afters.
Sherry's novels include Tears of Betrayal (the story that started it all), Love in the Bluegrass (the sequel to Tears), Somewhere in My Dreams, The King of My Heart, Surviving the Storm, Seems Like Yesterday, and That Feeling: Always Faithful.  
Sherry crossed over to historical fiction in 2018 with Discovery, the first in a planned eighteen book Orphan Train Saga that revolves around the placing out of children on orphan trains. The orphan trains ran from 1854 to 1929 and sent over 250K children west from New York and Boston to find new homes. Sherry’s Orphan Train Saga introduces the children in book one and will showcase one child in each of the follow-up books. Discovery, a 2019 Book Excellence Award Finalist, is endorsed by the           National Orphan Train Complex. Shameless, the second book in the saga, was released in June and book three is due out in December 2019. Sherry plans to release subsequent books each June and July.  
Sherry writes children's books under the name Sherry A. Jones. Her titles include Little Sally Snippy Snot, The Legend of the Sock Goblins, Penelope Pigsnout, Detective Extraordinaire, and MP Chimpanzee. Henrietta Owlsworth’s Eyesight Plight, is scheduled for release this fall.  
Sherry and her husband live in Michigan near their three children and nine grandchildren.  She now spends most of her time writing from her home office, traveling to book signings and giving lectures on the orphan train program.