InD'Introduces: Nicole Kilpatrick


Nicole Kilpatrick is the author of Clover, a finalist in the 2021 Rone Awards in the Young Adult category, and its sequel, Fae’s Ascent, is releasing in December 2021. 
A lifelong lover of books, Nicole had always known she was a writer at heart, but it wasn’t until 2017 that she attempted to write her first novel. Clover, published by Fire and Ice Young Adult Books, is a reimagining of leprechaun lore, depicting these often-maligned creatures in a whole new light. At its core, it’s an adventure and sweet romance that follows the titular character, Clover, as she navigates the world of the Fae.
Having achieved her dream of becoming an author, Nicole often wonders why she waited so long to pursue this goal. Now that she has two novels under her belt, she doesn’t seem likely to ever stop. However challenging it may sometimes seem, she has vowed to keep pursuing her passion, trudging along one word at a time to write the stories that are in her heart.
To Nicole, the most rewarding aspect of writing is potentially putting smiles on readers’ faces. Being able to reach out to audiences in that way is the best type of reward in her eyes.
To aspiring authors with dreams of writing their own books, she has this to say: Never give up. The first step in writing a book is believing that you can.
Born and raised in the Philippines, Nicole now calls New York City home. She works at the United Nations Headquarters and writes in her spare time. When not writing, she can be found curled up on a couch with a good book, or busy concocting recipes in her Brooklyn apartment, where she lives with her husband.