InD'Introduces: Carly Jordynn


Carly Jordynn is a writer of young adult, new adult and middle grade fiction from Northern Kentucky.  She likes to take her readers on adventures full of laughter, romance, suspense, alternate realities, and fantasy.  When she isn’t writing one of her current works in progress, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, walking, traveling, and of course, shopping.
Carly’s writing adventure began in 2014 when Soul Mate Publishing signed her to a contract for “Travelers,” the first book in the Forest of the Mist series.  One month later, Soul Mate signed her to another contract for “Retired Slayer,” the first book in the Sasha Bishop series. Since then, Soul Mate has published the remaining two books in the Forest of the Mist series,  as well as the final two books in the Sasha series,
When her writing career began, Carly created the blog, “Carly’s View”, where she catches readers up on her life and the writing industry. In addition, Carly hosts other authors, conducts author interviews, character interviews, and has book and/or series features.
This summer, Carly will embark on a new writing adventure when she self-publishes her first middle grade book, “Levy Jupiter Kincaid: Racing Dreams.”  The book is geared toward middle school to high school students, especially boys, although girls will like the book too as it has a strong female secondary character. The book will be available in e-book and paperback on Amazon and B&N.
Carly is currently working on a follow-up series, “Prelude to a Vampire.”  This series will provide the back story for some of the characters from the Sasha Bishop books. It will explore their lives before becoming vampires and how their world changed overnight. She is also working on a new adult romantic suspense, “Hollywood Obsession”, a young adult time travel, “Thornewilde”, and a romantic comedy, “Class Reunion 101”. She is also kicking around thoughts of a short story series based in the Smoky Mountains, and a possible teen inspirational series.
People often ask Carly how she can work on so many books at the same time. She responds that the characters basically put on a play in her head. She watches the action and writes what they say. When the scene ends, another may come up for one of the other books, so she will move over to it. She keeps her characters straight by creating a character profile where everything about that character is listed. There are family trees, style of dressing, favorite cars/motorcycles, and facial features.
Some of Carly’s favorite authors and ones she has drawn inspiration from are Carolyn Haines, Meg Cabot, David Eddings, Cassandra Clare, and John Grisham. She loves to read a gripping story with a little mystery, romance, comedy, fantasy, and adventure. It’s a bonus if the book has all of these elements.
Carly loves meeting her fans and can be found laughing and chatting with them at conferences, book signings, and other industry events. If you see her at an event, make sure to say hello!