InD'Introduces: Annette Bower


Annette believes home is where her stories begin, snd her home is a condo where she watches the urban life below, airplanes arrive and depart at the international airport, and the seasons change on farmland near the horizon. Annette travels extensively but always returns home to Regina, Saskatchewan. Whether at home or away, and even though she is directionally challenged, she wanders the streets, parks, and lanes observing how people live, love, and care for one another. Your way of sitting, holding hands, the way you tilt your head, or a t-shirt you wear may end up in one of her stories.
On her first trip to Olhos de Água, a fishing village in Portugal, she stopped at a café where the proprietors were a mother and daughter. Annette sat at the blue and white tiled, outdoor table and ordered an espresso and brandy. While the sun warmed her back, she opened her new notebook. The older woman walked by carrying a basket and tipped her head toward Annette’s blank page and shrugged. When black-laced heeled shoes struck the cement floor, and the scent of just-picked clementine oranges interrupted Annette’s writing, the woman plunked three oranges at the edge of her page. Annette cherishes this gift from one woman to another. Annette traveled recently with an accompanying orange, sharing pictures on Social media as her way of honoring, those Portuguese women. A version of this event may appear in her next novel.
Annette uses experiences she has gathered as a nurse, town administrator, elected official, traveller, and member of a large extended family to inform her stories because writing is a joy that resides in her heart.
She is a Soul Mate Publishing author of four contemporary romance novels. Her novel, Fearless Destiny was first runner-up in the 2017 Sweet Contemporary RONE awards. Her latest novel, Ponytails and Promises is now available on Amazon.