How DOES She Do That?!?

Julie L.

While I totally admit to swiping the title from a line in "Muppets: Treasure Island", I have actually heard it being said of, and to, me. Especially when it comes to my seemingly inhuman ability with knowing how to use software, of any kind, even when I've literally *just* opened it for the first time. No, I'm not a witch, and have not sacrificed anything to some unearthly thing to have this power. It is something innate, a talent or gift that simply is, but also something I have been fully aware of, used often, and honed for years. As I've gotten older, and more able to look back at how often so many people are stumped and terrified of technology and software, I've realized it's often for the same reasons. Though not everyone will admit to being intimidated by software or technology, the fact that so many intelligent individuals become brain-dead when their phone software updates, or Windows has a new patch, or Apple re-does everything... well, point made.
The thing is, knowing how to use and work any kind of software or technology does not HAVE to be intimidating or brain eating. There are industry standards, mostly unwritten, that almost everyone uses and agrees to keep doing, to make life easier. Yes, sometimes companies do not follow these unwritten rules when software updates happen... but that's when you see immediate patches and backpedaling within weeks because the outrage at change is real.
In the next two articles, I'll be doing evaluations of All-in-One writing platforms. Software packages and platforms that are like Scrivener, but are not Scrivener. (I won't be doing anything in depth on Scrivener, only because it is "the" main software and there is SO much out there, easily accessible all over the place to help even the newest newbie and most terrified technophobe.)
There won't be enough room in the next two months to explain exactly what button to push for everything inside each software package and what it does and how precisely to use every part of it. However, in this month's article, I'll divulge my super power secrets. How to find answers and use software you’ve never seen before shortly after opening it. With this, anyone should be able to take All-in-One software, try it out to see which works best, and not become brain dead.

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