Here We Go Again!


Another new year has begun, and inevitably we start making goals. We can’t help it. It’s what humans do at this time of year. A brand-new year, a brand-new month, a new date to forget or mess up on forms, letters, and checks…all the usual baggage that travels with a turn of the year. These goals tend to be mixed in with last year’s goals, and the ones from the year before that, because you run into the same time constraints, again. Just like the circle of life...oh great, now I have that song stuck in my head from “The Lion King”...(*puts down cat*)
Every year we start off with great expectations. Ones that fill us with hope and excitement, enthusiasm and positivity, and we attack them like sharks in a feeding frenzy. Actually, that describes the mood of our local gyms who offer mega-super deals on everything from spinning, to personal training, to the latest torture device - climbers. It’s not hard to guess what their goals are.
But for many of us, especially in the world of books, it’s a time to plot out our year ahead and start a new journey into adventures galore. All of us, both readers and writers, have to pick which book signings and conventions we are going to attend. Can we fly there economically? Is there a nonstop flight? Or will we have to face the worst hell of all - connecting in Atlanta?

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