The Great Pause


I haven’t written a lot about fun things to do when you have extra time because it has always been a struggle to find extra time.There never seems to be enough time to go places, to read, or do pretty much anything in our busy society. But now, we’re seeing first hand that life has a way of balancing out.
Because of this horrible pandemic, the world feels as if it has shut down for a while. We’re in the middle of what some are calling the “Great Pause.” We can’t take vacations at all, most of the news is about various kinds of restrictions, and we are engaged in a never-ending battle to find toilet paper. Preferably double ply, since single ply gets used up twice as fast and sometimes is more like thin sandpaper. Not the sort of thing you ever imagined stressing about, for sure.
Our normal, hectic lives have been put on hold.
Now that so many people are self-isolating, there’s suddenly a lot more time for all the personal things we wanted to get done. We’ re not rushing to get out of the door every morning, or coming home late and exhausted. We may still be working from home, but the hours are filled differently, and the commute isn’t so bad, unless someone left a bit of Lego next to the bed.
This unique situation has had a particular effect on all the husbands who managed to put off a variety of miscellaneous chores (and the things they really didn’t feel like doing) because they didn’t have time. Guess what? Tough luck, guys. The time is now.

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