FRAMED: Finale!!


Austin stood outside the double paned mirror and watched as the Chief questioned Mrs. Von Doren. The woman sat with her legs crossed and her hands folded in her lap, calm and collected, like sitting in a police station was second nature to her.
“Mrs. Von Doren, have you ever seen this before?” Chief passed the death threat left for Violet across the table.
Von Doren stared at the paper. “No.”
“This note was left on Violet Sterling’s car behind her shop. A death threat.” The Chief pointed to the letter ‘s’. “Isn’t that your handwriting?”
Mrs. Von Doren looked at the note again. “That does look like my “s”, but I assure you I didn’t leave this for Violet. She’s a great girl. Why would I want to kill her? Besides, do you really think I have time to cut out all of these letters from magazines and newspaper clippings?”
“I don’t know, Mrs. Von Doren, but someone did and someone gave this to her. The same person may possibly want to set you up. What were you doing yesterday between twelve and one o’clock?” “I was at home.” Mrs. Von Doren sat back in her chair.
“We have a witness who saw you picking up a load of boxes from the coffee shop yesterday. What was in the boxes Mrs. Von Doren?”
“Oh, yes, I did do that. Well, coffee of course.”
“Ten boxes worth?”
“I like to buy in bulk.”
“We have a warrant to check those boxes. Would we find anything of interest?”
“If you find a hundred pounds of coffee beans of interest, then yes, I guess you will.” She checked her manicure then folded her hands properly in her lap again.
“Anything you want to add, Mrs. Von Doren? Anything at all?”
“Of course not. I didn’t know shopping in bulk was a crime.”
“It’s not, but diamond smuggling is. Mrs. Von Doren you’re under arrest.” 
“What?” The woman’s eyes widened, horror registering on her face as she pushed back in her chair and stared up at the Chief when he stood and pulled out his handcuffs.
“I want my lawyer. I demand to see my lawyer,” her voice turned gravelly and malicious.

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