FRAMED: Episode 9 "Ford"


“Wait a minute.” Violet turned in her seat to face Austin. His hands held the wheel, his jawline tight.  “So, you’re really a cop?”
“And you’ve been watching the art store the entire time you’ve been helping me?”
“Is Austin even really your name?”
He turned out of the alley.
“How come I couldn’t find anything about you on social media?”
“So you were searching me? Why?” He turned his attention from the road and stared at her, his eyes twinkling at her obvious interest of him.
“I mean…no reason or anything.” Violet squirmed in her seat. His attentive gaze would have nearly any woman come undone. “Just curious about you is all.”
“Yeah. Feeling’s mutual. But my last name isn’t Phillips. It’s Ford.”
Austin Ford.   “I knew there was something strange about you.” She pointed her finger. Violet needed his twinkling eyes to focus back on the situation at hand. He’d almost made her forget she just received a death threat. Almost.
“Why have you been watching the art store? Do you know who robbed the diamond store?”
“Answer my questions first. What did you see today when you were outside? You and Kim looked too suspicious when you ran back inside.”
“Mrs. Von Doren.”
“What’s so strange about her? You see her all the time.”
A shiver ran down Violet’s spine. Something about the entire transaction she’d witnessed earlier seemed off. Real off.
“Something wasn’t right. Mrs. Von Doren was wearing a hat, which she never wears, and her butler was driving her car, which I’ve never seen before.”
“Perhaps she was ill?”
“Maybe, but I don’t think that was it. They parked in the alley by the coffee shop. Mr. Gibbs knocked on the door using a special code and then Bob came out with boxes.”

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