FRAMED: Episode 7 "Mark My Words"


Austin stood behind the two-way glass at the police station. Now, more than ever, he couldn’t blow his cover, but he had to know what was going on with the case. Thankfully, Violet had decided to close on time today, which left him able to walk the girls safely out to their cars. He wanted to sneak another kiss, but Kim stayed hot on their heels the entire time they were all in the back alley together.  He doubted Violet was ready to publicize what had transpired between them the night before, so instead of pushing her against her car and making his way with her, like a gentleman, he watched as both girls drove safely away then hightailed it to the police station. Questioning criminals was about the only thing that would get Violet off his mind right now.
Austin crossed his arms and watched as Danny questioned Blake. The evidence wasn’t looking good for the guy.
Blake sat with his hands clasped in front of him on the table, rolling his thumbs around each other, his eyes cast downward. “Where were you last night, Sands?” Danny asked.
Blake raised his head. “I told you. I was at my apartment.”
“Anyone with you?”
“So you have no alibi then.”
“I didn’t steal that diamond. You can search my place. You won’t find it.”
“We did search your place, and you’re right, we didn’t find it, but it doesn’t mean you didn’t stash it somewhere.”
“I didn’t. I didn’t have anything to do with the robbery.”
“Then how come the Santa Claus used to smash Mr. Ross over the head has your fingerprints all over it.” Danny slid Blake a picture.
Austin hadn’t seen the photo, but he assumed it was a picture of a broken Santa in a million pieces at the crime scene.
Blake stared at the photo.
“Recognize that Santa head?” Danny asked.
“That’s the Santa I made in art, but I didn’t hit anybody with it. I loaded it in Pinkie’s van for her.”
“Loaded it in her van? When?”
“Yesterday afternoon.” Blake tapped his fingers on the tabletop. “She took a bunch of Santas to the hospital.”
“What time?”
“I don’t know. About two-thirty I guess.”
“How come you were having a heated conversation with Mr. Ross last night? The story I heard is you got mad and stomped off.”
The clicking sound of his fingers on the table escalated. “Yeah, I did get mad and stomp off, but I didn’t hit him over the head or steal from him. That’s what he wanted me to do.”
“What?” Danny leaned back in his chair. That revelation was a surprise, but the cop kept his voice even, cool. Much unlike Sands was with his fingers tapping on the tabletop like he was trying to win a fake typing contest. “What are you talking about, Sands?”
“Mr. Ross asked me to steal that big diamond he keeps in the case at the front of the store.  He said he’d give me a nice cut of the money if I did it.”
“You expect me to believe that Mr. Ross wanted his own store robbed? Why?”
“I don’t know.” Blake stopped tapping his fingers and resorted to shaking his leg instead. “If I had to guess, it’s to pay off some gambling debts. He seemed desperate, shaky and shouting at me. I told him I’d done my time in prison and I wasn’t going back no matter how big the cut was. That’s when Violet Sterling drove up and I took off, but I didn’t hit him, and I didn’t steal that diamond either. I’m being framed.”

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