Fiction: Safe Spaces To Be Ourselves


There will always be parts of ourselves that we hide or keep locked away. Perhaps we’re embarrassed by them, or we’re afraid of some “darker” aspect of our human nature. Maybe we have worked hard to distance ourselves from who we once were, or who we are afraid we might become. The beauty of fiction is that it gives us a safe space to be ourselves, if only for a few hours! Think about it:
How many men can actually admit aloud that they are deeply romantic? The modern “hookup” culture has virtually made romance or romantic gestures uncool or antiquated. Even simple things like opening the door for your date or offering to pick up the check can sometimes feel like a bit of a loaded situation.
However, inside the pages of a Romance novel, men are able to entertain those romantic feelings through the lens of the male protagonist. In their minds, they can secretly revel in that grand romantic gesture when the hero rides in on horseback to sweep the heroine off her feet, or battles an army to save her life.
How often do women struggle with being dominant and assertive? In a society where women are labeled “shrill” or “bossy” when they assert themselves, it can be difficult to feel like you can show the truth of who you are. Unfortunately, so many women in the workplace are forced to play a meeker role and put on a façade so the men around them don’t feel threatened.

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