Do It Yourself!


How many times have you been sitting around the house making lists of things you need to get done? We guys get what’s called a “Honey-Do-List”.  It’s usually a few... pages... of different chores or fix-it projects that we would hire someone else to do if we were rich. These lists tend to appear on weekends, right when the baseball game is coming on and that large plate of nachos is calling our name. As usually happens, we end up doing it ourselves because nothing happens in the first seven innings, anyway.
Sometimes, things on the list around the house can be too hard or complicated. (Of course, we all know that instructions are for amateurs). Too bad there aren’t shortcuts or other tricks we could try to save us money and effort. Hmm...
One of the joys of the Internet is, if there is a need for information, you can be certain you’ll find it somewhere. The other day, my wife was sharing a bunch of little tricks and fun twists that make life simpler. There were ways to save food, make hand crafted wallpaper, reupholster chairs, make finger puppets, about 50 different things to do with milk cartons, and an unexpected way to build a motorbike from used coffee cups. MacGyver must be hyperventilating.
I did find a lot of these things ingenious and really fun, especially now. For teachers, using the Internet for classrooms, and homeschooling moms, these tips must be gold! I can see a bunch of parents getting together and swapping ideas for art projects, sharing the results with each other and creating a kind of personal workshop that’s fun and a learning experience, as well. Of course, the kids may not be up to building that motorbike, but Spot might need an outdoor house...
At this point, you may be asking yourself, “Why on earth is he talking about this?" That’s actually a good question.

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