Discovering Inspiration In Reading


You’re probably familiar with the Inspirational Romance genre; the name describes the content of the stories, and the books are designed to inspire readers. But what about other novels? Contemporary, paranormal, historical—even dark romances?

Every day we shuffle through life finding things that inspire us, whether we realize it or not. It could be love, happiness or even food. I admit that the scent of fresh cookies baking in the oven inspires me. It inspires me to get up, walk across the kitchen, and wait patiently for that first batch to be done. Not quite the same as literary inspiration, but close.
I’m sure most of you have discovered so many different stories that have inspired you, awakened your emotions, or brought a smile to your face or tears to your eyes.
For example, there’s the handsome hero who finally redeems himself after being a complete moron and leaving the heroine. He broke her heart, made matters worse because of the ex and hurt her. I mean what an idiot. However, he finally redeems himself by professing his love for her with a dozen roses, a pair of tickets to Hawaii, and a puppy. He really did need to go the extra step with the puppy. It was so cute and she named it after him—Spike.
Then there’s the heroine who has given up after a series of appalling relationships and decided to become a nun. No more decadence or chocolate or, um, you know. She has nothing to keep her going. Then she bumps into - literally -  the handsome businessman whose limo breaks down outside her apartment building. Their eyes meet and the connection is instant. This is true inspiration— it tells us that no matter how bad things are, you can always hope they will improve. And it might inspire you to hang around limos in case any of them break down with handsome billionaires inside. It’s about inspiring your belief in romance, love and happy endings.
Something really inspiring is a story that lets you know you don’t have to be perfect to find love. Many stories now show characters with lots of everyday flaws. All heroes don’t need to be built like a personal trainer or a super hero. (Sorry, you cover models.) Sure, it’s nice eye candy for female readers, but isn’t it inspiring to know that heroes can be quite ordinary? It tells us that our personal hero is every bit as wonderful as the one in the fairytales.
Then there’s the inspiration to travel. You probably have a few books on the shelf that take you out of your hometown and carry you someplace exotic. Imagine this…

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