2018 RONE Awards Week Two

  • Paranormal: Short (3 finalists)
    Suspense/Thriller (6 finalists)
    Historical: Victorian - 20th Century (5 finalists)

Voting Period: April 23 - April 29, 2018.


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Paranormal: Short - 2018 (3 finalists)

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Suspense/Thriller - 2018 (6 finalists)

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Historical: Victorian - 20th Century - 2018 (5 finalists)

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All are great books!  So hard to decide!

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Escape by Belle Ami is a hands down winner!

Good luck all!

Good luck to all!



Wonderful Author 

Congratulations to all the nominees! 

Tema Merback is such an amazing Author.

Hard choices

Congratulations to all.

Thoroughly enjoyed Bayou FIre.

Why can't I vote for two in the short stories such a hard choice to make good luck everyone

Great story. Check it out if you have not already 


Best of luck to all the nominees! Wish I could have voted for more than one in the Short section.

I became an avid fan of Anna Lowe after reading Lure of the Dragon.  The plot was full of adventure, suspense, laughter, and passionate yumminess! I read this book in one day.  Don't miss the opportunity to consume this book!!!

I treasure all her stories.  I know that what I read from her will be clean and something I can share with my friends and family.

This book kept me turning page after page and kept me desiring to read just another chapter before going to bed! (The last page was finished before the bed was found!) I so loved this book and have decided to reread them again! It is a beautiful story with characters that are alive, real and believable! I love all of Sarah's books, but this series is my favorite! I hope that we get to have Finbar's story, Patrick's story, Ciara's story, Mary's story, Ma and Da's story .............!

Lure of the dragon 's cover is so beautiful,love it and voted for it!!

Beautiful heartwarming story❤️

Can't wait to see who wins

Anna Lowe is amazing!

Good luck to one and all.

I enjoyed the book

Anna Lowe is amazing!

She has many great books that is why I voted for her

LOVED Garden of Destiny!!!


Congrats on your nomination for Lure of the Dragon.... 

Thanks for letting me vote.

Loved this book and can not wait for more. Good luck Ms.. Laura Landon

So happy to get the chance to Vote. I enjoy reading them it was hard to choose but the best author got my vote

So many good and upcoming authors

So many good and upcoming authors

Some great books here

Anna Lowe is superb.  Good luck to all

One of the very BEST books I have ever read in any genre.

Congratulations on the nomination.  Loved the book. Have read and loved all your books!!  You have my vote.  

Escape is fantastic! 

Major congrats for being nominating, and best of luck in your well-deservied career.  Enjoy the journey!

Love, love, love this book!

Excellent romance!

LOVE the author.  All the best! 

Best of luck to all the authors

I couldn't put it down. Cyrus was so sexy and unforgettable. Loved it!

Love to get caught up in a Shanna Hatfield book and this is one of the best!!