2018 RONE Awards Week One

  • Novella (4 finalists)
  • Inspirational (3 finalists)
  • Historical: Ancient - 16th Century (5 finalists)

Voting Period: April 16 - 22, 2018

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Novella - 2018 (4 finalists)

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Inspirational - 2018 (3 finalists)

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all the books are good reads 

all the books are good hard decision 

There are so many of my favorite authors in the historical category! Hard to make up my mind but my all time favorite of those listed won out!

love this book. Has my vote 

Love this book. It has my vote.

I loved Emma Princes book and the cover!  I hope she wins because she is an excellant writer and deserves it!

Great read. Loved it. 

I loved this book!

A wonderful read. I've been reading Wills for awhile now and love all her stories.


Good luck!

Fantastic book! LeVeque is my very favorite author. I've learned so much from her books, and WarWolfe is one of her best!

Love this author 

The Bowie Bride was fabulous! So wonderful to see it here! Love Suzan Tisdale books! 

Too many choices!

Good luck great author

Excellent read!

Another fabulous well written story with the Dr Wolfe family!  So good!

Amazing book by an amazing author!!

I love historical romance novels and Mia Pride does a great job giving her readers what they want.  I look forward to her next book.  

I love the books written by this terrific author. I wish I could see into her fertile imagination where she creates her believable characters.

Amazing author, my favorite by far.

Elizabeth Ellen Carter is a seriously good writer. I love her books.

I love the Scottish Lairds

It's reallly difficult to narrow down just to one selection with so many wonderful authors.

I am voting for Kathryn LeVeque's Warwolfe ! She is an amazing author and while I read some of the others too I like this one the best.

Fantastic book! 

I love the way Susan writes and this book was wonderful.

This book is wonderfully written. And touches you on a deep level.

This year it was a very hard choice with so many wonderful books and authors. But I chose the books that touched me the deepest.

This year the choices where very hard with so many great book and authors. But I picked the books that touched me the deepest.

I read so many books in the genre and love so many of them.  I wouldn't want any of these authors to stop writing, thinking they aren't able to capture the heart of the reader.  None of you stop, you hear?  Keep writing and your fans will be happy!

I love Mia Pride! Her books always make me feel like I'm back in time with her stories

Absolutely beautifully written books!

I enjoyed this and all books by 's Le Veque. Her books rich  plots and characters .It is a world that is believable. The villains are bad the  heros and heroines developed character and love under all most insurmountable odds. Battles are waged won or lost but the books do not devolve into gory macabre. I always feel inspired to tackle my personal issues after immersion in these books. I feel hopeful and inspired. I especially enjoyed  Warwolf. With the inclusion of characters of other  novels.  Every family has a story with traditions.  Please give this novel the award it deserves.Sincerely,Lynne Cherry [email protected]

Wow! i love the warwolfe series, the characters, the development of characters and plot succesfully draw me in to the most enjoyable experience possible.  The author includes just enough historical background to tie into true past events.  I find myself researching William the Conqueror and the many wars between France and England.  There is enough information in these fictional stories to open doors to past events. 

Kathryn Le Veque is my favorite author & this is one of my favorite books. 

Love Shanna Hatfield Books!  Voted 

Congratulations to all the outstanding authors that have been nominated. One winner is just too hard to choose. You are all winners for publishing such fabulous words. Thank goodness GOD granted you all amazing talent. ♡♡♡♡

Her books grab you from the very beginning and leave you wanting more when they are done.  So glad I discovered her.


Could you make it any harder!!! 3 of my most favorite books were included in the historical novels. But the Bowie Bride won out but only after I put all 3 names in a hat. 

His Highland Bride by Willa Blair

Warwolfe, the first novel I read by Kathryn le Veque.  It was so good and I enjoyed it so much I have had to go back and start working my way through her entire collection.  I have a way to go, but reading this one felt good.  I was reading the story that started it all and it was an amazing story.   


I love her books. This one held my interest from start to finish.

Voting for Riverbend!

One of the best stories with a truly likeable hero and heroine. This story is one of my favorites. I just love Gaetan, as a Knight, he has it all and then some.  The journey Gaetan and Ghislaine go on, the problems they encounter and the love that grows between them is a bit different. I also love the parallel story with Kristoph, which is why Gaetan and Ghislaine are together in the first place.