Button Button, Who's Got the Button? An Introduction to the World of Software

Julie L.

So many buttons. Seriously, if you counted the numbers of clicks, pokes, swipes, slides, taps, patterns, or key presses we do Every. Single. Day—you would be shocked at the amount of buttons that are used as we navigate our technology. From apps on phones and tablets to software on our computers, to ATM and checkout machines, really, how many buttons are pushed by our poor fleshy digits?
Authors have an added layer of buttons that most don't: our preferred writing software, the grammar checkers, the ebook renderers, the uploading platforms, payments platforms, ebook retailer platforms, email platforms, accounting software, marketing software, social media on every device we own... it can make a head spin! And it’s completely overwhelming if you decide you want to change any of it.
And, this is where the crux of many of our frustrations end up: we want something different because #reasons: better, old and no longer serves our needs, cheaper, newer... pick a reason, but we often lack the time or expertise or drive to go looking. How many more buttons do we really want to push in order to find something that can streamline our already in place button pushing?
Yet, we all know as technology increases, ideas keep coming for improvements and we are sure that there is something better out there to make our lives easier. Somehow. I seem to remember a thing about green grass...
None of us are impervious to change, whether forced because our favorite software is folding, going under and will no longer be around, or because we just Can't Even anymore with something we've put up with for years. Or maybe we just keep hearing about the newest amazingness from trusted author friends and are willing, and able, to put a bit of time into learning something new.
And that right there, is really the biggest hindrance to our forward progress, our keeping up with the necessary technology.

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