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The 11th Commandment: Part 4 "The Pact:  He'd not meant to reveal the truth. At least, not in so blunt a manner.

While chatting with author, HP Mallory one afternoon, she casually mentioned her “pixies”.  Having read her books and not remembering a single place where those creatures  were mentioned, I asked for clarification.  She stopped, pointedly looked at me and said, “You mean you haven’t heard about the pixies?”, I hadn’t.  Should I have?  She laughed and promptly informed me that if not,

Understanding Plot Points

What are plot points?  Quite simply plot points are individual events that propel your story forward. Something that changes things, say like a first kiss. That one event now changes everything because now they must acknowledge their romantic attraction as it changes the course of their relationship.

Romantic Heros... Sweet or Sexy?

Most of us have a favourite fictional hero – or a few favourites perhaps. There are the archetypes Heathcliffe, Rochester and Darcy whom we now see repeated many times in fiction, since they inspire our dreams. But would we really want them if we met them?

Last month, my friend Callie flew in from California with her boyfriend, Sean.   A recent graduate with a Ph.D in Philosophy in Chemistry, he and some other chemists are working on getting a book published.