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How many times have you watched a friend’s elation when they finished their book, got an agent, signed a contract, or just self-published?  I’m guessing it’s quite a few. I know for me it’s in the hundreds, if not thousands.

The WORST Opening Sentences!

Did you know that there is actually a world-wide contest for the worst writing in literature?  Every year the Bulwer-Lytton Prize  (named after novelist/playwright  Edward George Bulwer-Lytton’s famous “it was a dark and stormy night...” ) is awarded by the English Department at San Jose University.  People are encouraged to submit an opening sentence for the “worst of all possible novels.”   

"What if a Contemporary Romance Novel Hero could actually give an interview? What would he tell us?  Read on for comedian "HogWild"s take on what a Hero might REALLY have to say for himself..."

On bitter winter nights as a child in Minnesota, I do not recall feeling cold, though there was a quarter-inch of ice on the inside of the windows. I was in love.

Shades of Pink
Breast Cancer Awareness;

Every year in October - my birth month - I try to have a special event. I have received tremendous support in my writing in the past years, and this is my small way to give back.