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More and more people are opting to join the freelance market while studying or shortly after graduating. Freelancing is an excellent way to supplement your income, and if you discover a genuine interest in your field, it can even turn into a fulfilling career. If you have a knack for grammar and writing, becoming a freelance writer could be your path forward.

... I Learned From Playing D&D With Eddie Munson:

Technology is constantly changing and evolving. In my 51 years on the planet, it’s amazing how many things have been invented, or at least, refined and improved. Similarly, as writers, we all have definitely noticed many important changes in the technology involved with writing. Back in 2012, I published my first ebook, called "Dead Reckoning".

You Decided to Write! YAY! Exciting! You can’t wait! I can’t wait! We all can’t wait!

You've done the world-building. You've outlined your story. You've tucked into writing. You know a story unfolds little by little, chapter by chapter, but what actually goes into a chapter? How do you know if your chapter is “complete” or even “good"?