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Picture this:Two cousins and life-long best friends attend a Cherry Adair writing workshop with the goal of getting published. Both are having a wonderful time learning and getting to know Cherry.  On a quick trip to the restroom, one discovers a painful lump on her breast.

There are moments in life when the collective emotion of the human race feels like electricity, raising the small hairs on the backs of necks and making the skin tingle. It feels as if the entire world comes to a sudden stop. Examples of this -- for those who remember -- would be the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy assassination, or the lunar landing.

Anyone even remotely involved in the publishing industry understands the importance of a good cover, those  having anything at all to do with Romance knows the importance of a good cover model.   While we are all familiar with their drop-dead looks and drool-worthy physiques, what are the actual men like?  In the upcoming months, InD’tale will let you get to know some of the best, beginning wit

Have you ever dreamed of writing a story that would someday become a smash hit on the big screen?  Odds are almost all writers have harbored that little tidbit of desire but most also know the odds against it ever coming to pass!  Now, however, that dream may not be such a fantasy.  

In our house, you learned to roll with the punches, or in this case the punch line. Having a witty or snarky comeback was a necessary balance to offset our grisly conversations at dinner time. Living in a medical household usually led to gag inducing topics. Well...for the average person anyway. Not us. We learned to embrace it.