Writing Romance: A Male in a Female World


You’ve finished reading one book and now it’s time to go on the hunt for the next. The author you just finished was great but it was the fifth contemporary romance in a row you’ve read so you decide to try, oh say, regency.
So, where do you go and how do you decide which book to start with? Sure, you could get one written by a New York Times or USA Today bestselling author, since you’ve heard they are great. The only thing is, you want to try a new—to you—author. Where do you go? Facebook—sure. Twitter—why not?
Better still—InD’Tale Magazine! Skimming through the pages, you come across a cover that catches your interest. It’s a mask covering a woman’s face with a couple of helicopters flying over a mountain. Or it could be a sultry blonde, also wearing a mask. But wait, isn’t that Jimmy Thomas on the cover?
Flipping back and forth, you see both are written by the same author but are different genres. The mask with helicopters is contemporary romantic suspense while the other is regency romantic suspense. To make it even more intriguing, the author is a bestselling writer.

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