The Worries of a Writing Mother


Since becoming a mother, I have discovered a new truism. Mothers worry. I actually heard it before giving birth to my oldest. What I didn’t understand was that among the usual concerns of keeping my brood happy and healthy, as a romance novelist, I would carry apprehension about things most mothers don’t.
How would my children perceive my writing? Is the fact that I write romance going to embarrass my boys? Will my daughter have unrealistic expectations of her spouse if I let her read romance books? When should I tell them I write romance? The questions seem unending.
Recently I published my first full-length novel in hard copy. The box of books arrived outside our back door at lunchtime. My three children blossomed into excitement. Before I managed to wrestle it through the door, my oldest son was dancing about.
“Is it for us?”
“I think it is for me,” I replied.
“Toys for mommy?” My two-year-old daughter asked brightly from her highchair at the table. All big blue eyes and curls, she clearly hoped I would share. She watched my progress with intense interest.
Her twin brother resumed shoveling food in his mouth.
“No, sweetheart, I think it is copies of my new book.”
I set the heavy box on the floor next to the table and reached for the utility knife that I kept handy for such tasks.
“Are you going to open it?” My oldest, a five-year-old, crowded close to see.
“Just give me a moment.” I wrestled the flaps open and pulled the first book free. My thoughtful red-headed heroine greeted me. I savored the weight of the almost eighty thousand words inside the cover with an excited smile.

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