When Promo Crosses the Line


In this age of social media and internet savvy readers, the digital book market is booming. Which poses a problem: 10 years ago if you wanted a book, you went to the local book store and browsed the shelves in a particular area that housed ONLY books in a particular genre. Now we surf virtual book stores that showcase hundreds of thousands of books, sometimes in a single genre, and knowing where to start can make a buyer's mind quiver.
Authors and industry peeps know that getting the word out and getting on those top 100 lists can end in much higher sales. The higher your rank in an e-tailer's genre list the more exposure it will get, thus resulting in more sales, or at the very least, face time with potential readers.
To help gain awareness about new books authors and publishers use a variety of tactics that are designed to brand and catch attention. Advertising, social media interaction, newsletters, blogs, conventions, book clubs, events and contests - the list goes on and on. And while all of these are great ways to reach and find your audience and gain exposure…be careful that your “Promo” doesn’t turn into “Spamo”!....

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