What REALLY Goes on Behind Those Sexy Cover Shoots!


Have you ever been wandering through the aisles of a book store or browsing the annals of Amazon, looked at all those amazing covers and wonder, “Wow, how do they get that?”   I know we have, so when VJ Dunraven, the owner of Period Images stock cover site invited InD’tale to experience the process first hand, we jumped!  And from that moment on, everything we had ever imagined a cover shoot to be was turned upside down - delightedly so!
In order to truly understand the mayhem, one must first understand the genius behind Period Images.   VJ comes to this business not as a photographer, graphic artist or model, but as a film industry costume creator.  Her elaborate period costumes are known throughout Hollywood and carry a beauty and authenticity that is hard to find.  As a book lover and author also, VJ had finished her first Regency romance but couldn’t find the right picture for her cover.  Suddenly, she became very aware of the dearth of choices in specific historical periods. This prompted her to use her own costumes to shoot her cover!    Soon friends and colleagues were inundating her with requests to do the same. Thus the seeds of a brand new company were born!

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