Web Series to Book: The Amazing New Phenomenon


Have you ever dreamed of writing a story that would someday become a smash hit on the big screen?  Odds are almost all writers have harbored that little tidbit of desire but most also know the odds against it ever coming to pass!  Now, however, that dream may not be such a fantasy.  
With the web virtually exploding with video clips, pictures, information and home-grown entertainment that goes viral, who’s to say a movie couldn’t also?  That’s what authors Jennifer Martin and Lisa Stoddard decided.  Friends since childhood, these two ladies make a living writing novels together under the pen name of “Ashleigh Raine.”  With two series and 14 books under their belts, they were in the middle of brainstorming a new book when Jen’s brother approached them about doing a web series.... PING!   Web series?  New book????  Hmmm!!!  Suddenly those long-hidden dreams surfaced with a vengeance!

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