The Truth About Reviews


Throughout the history of publishing, book reviews have been considered one of the very best ways to garner attention and sell books.  Their importance is undeniable and their influence is substantial.  They can be an author's best friend or worst enemy.  With this emerging new world of technology giving rise to unlimited opportunities, both authors and readers alike have been given power never possessed before.  Authors can publish without the strictures imposed by traditional publishing.  Readers can choose from a virtual smorgasbord of material never before allowed.  
This can be both good and bad.  It is like being awarded a dream cruise but landing on the ship with no itinerary or directions on how to navigate the overwhelming amount of wonderful options. If one hasn’t done their homework, they will be left to fumble around the best they can looking for the great stuff, only to learn they missed the best opportunities because they didn’t know they were there or how to utilize them.
This is especially true when dealing with reviews.  With all the power they hold, one must understand how they work and the best way to utilize them in order to reap the greatest rewards from them....

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