The Three Star WOW!


After almost a decade of reviewing books, personally and professionally, I think it’s time we talked about the WOW that can come with a "3 Star" book. Obviously, the books most readers and authors want to hear about are the "5 Star" books, but statistically and practically, those books, in their various genres, are not as common as we think, and even our favorite authors can only write and publish the next book so fast, which leaves us avid readers either bingeing Netflix or looking for the next book to fill our literary void.
By its very definition, a "3 Star" book is average. It’s neither a bestseller nor a disaster. Instead, it’s what I like to think of as a brownie.
Brownies are a delightful dessert. They can have a variety of add-ins to make them delicious and decadent, but are neither the simplest nor the most complicated to make. Brownies are often a chocolatey delight that satisfies without being glamorous, much like the "3 Star" book.
A three star rating is often seen as not good enough to be worth reading, however, it means that the book is solid, comforting, and might even be exactly what a reader wants at the time, but it might have a couple of flaws that keep it from being a four or five star book.
Those “flaws” are often simple things. Often a debut author might receive a three star review due to technical flaws; issues with pace or description, for example. However, over time, authors improve and often end up with stories that might become four and five star books.
Even more common is the author who has found a formula that their fans adore, but is marked down due to the predictable nature of the series. To the avid fans of these series, having a book that makes them think or constantly surprises them is not as important as seeing all the siblings/friends in a town find their love, or the detective always catching the bad guy or the teen saving the world with a combination of love and magic. To these type of fans, each and every one of these books is good and worth reading, even if it’s not the best or most fabulous book ever.

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