Successful Self-Narrating: Avoid the Mistakes I Made!

Kevin G.

As an independent author, I’m always trying to promote the first two books in my crime-thriller series to potential buyers. I frequently hear the question: “Is it available as an audiobook?” For a long time, I had to sigh and say, “Not yet.” I wished it could happen someday. All the marketing gurus say there is a lot of money to be made in the audiobook market. However, the up-front cost of hiring a narrator, booking studio time, and hiring a professional engineer/editor was beyond my budget. So instead, I bought a home recording studio kit (under $250), set up a studio in my basement, and set out to narrate my own books.
Fortunately, my basement is pretty quiet (as long as nobody is walking across the floor directly above my work table). I fired up the software, plugged in the microphone, did a few sound checks, and then launched into “Righteous Assassin.”
As I went along, I discovered aspects of the process I didn’t think about, didn’t prepare well for, and had to learn by trial and error. And there were a lot of errors. In the spirit of paying it forward and helping other novice audiobook narrators/producers embark on their journey without making all the mistakes I made, this article (and next month’s installment) provide my quick tips.

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