Steampunk: The Recipe


Steampunk: The Recipe - Readers and writers  would have to be living under a rock (or perhaps a cog would be more appropriate) not to notice the rise of corsets, goggles and airships on bookshelves, both real and virtual. In fact, they seem to have invaded all kinds of genres; romance, erotica, YA, fantasy and science fiction. If you have attended any conventions lately, you might have seen ladies dressed in corsets, and gentlemen in dapper suits. They usually display a large amount of brass fixtures and fittings, in fantastical devices that can be anything from a pith helmet with a miniature cannon on it, to expandable wings that would make DaVinci proud (Just check out what Brute Force Studios has been making). Imagine hats, both bowler and top, and long Victorian skirts dragging on the ground, or hitched up scandalously....

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