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What does a successful Greek cover model do when he is at the top of his game but needs a challenge to rise to the next level?  He tackles America, of course!

Last year when the Smashwords’ CEO made his 2013 predictions right here in InD’tale Magazine, we had no way of knowing just how accurate he would be!  That’s why we were anxious to see what his thoughts were for the year ahead.  He was once again gracious enough to let us share his thoughts.  So, here are his top 14 for 2014!

With Valentine's day fast approaching I was inspired to watch my old favorite chick flicks with their infinite plots of girl meets boy, girl gets heartbroken by boy, boy realizes he's been a moron and wins girl back after she has, of course, had a complete breakdown and a man-hating session with her bff's including alcoholic libations and/or dessert.

Nothing says holiday cheer like finding a big pile of brightly wrapped books under the tree on Christmas morning.  You’ve done your shopping, prepared for the Christmas party, and had the kids wake you up at 5am to see what Santa brought, and there they are.  Sure, they’re not going to cause the kind of excitement that involves screaming children and YouTube videos to immortalize the moment (al

In the world of self-publishing, you the author wear many hats:  publisher, cover artist, formatter, marketer, and so on. And most of those roles are taken on after you've finished your book! For some of them, it’s obvious that you should consult or hire a professional. A bad cover for example, can turn off a reader before she even decides to purchase your book.